Monday, November 13, 2006

Steve Bear Sas & Victor Calderone @ Stereo - Nov 11, 2006

Disclaimer: This is how I spent my Saturday / Sunday

I knew "everyone" was going to be at Parking because Peter Rauhofer was the main DJ of the evening over there, so I took my time to rest and get ready for Stereo. My intuition was right, and even though I arrived at 2:30am, which would had meant a wait of at least 45min to get in for a normal Evolve night, I got in right away.

First thing I noticed was the fact the machine Stereo had installed, at the ticket booth, was gone. To tell you the truth I kind of like the way it was anyway, you give your cash, you get a coloured entrance ticket in return, give it to the security, get a smile and a stamp back, and you are set for the night.

Second thing I noticed was the decor, which if you have been there in the last weekends, then you will understand why I don't have to describe it. I do have to admit the leafs look really cool with the light show happening during the evening - it gives this cozy feeling to the dance floor.

Every time I hear the name Steve "Bear" Sas, the question of why he is called Bear comes to my mind, but I always refrain in answering it, and please don't say that he looks like a bear because he doesn't. The Bear started the night with slow rhythms, and to be honest I couldn't remember what kind of music he spins - it has been a long time since I've been in one of his parties. If you are called to warm up for Calderone, you know your dance floor will be very diverse and energetic.

Good selection of tracks, moving from slow tunes, to more vocal music, energizing the dance floor with tribal sounds, and finally expanding, by the end of the set, to more darker sexy sounds. Darker deep house which made the transition to Calderone almost unnoticeable. I enjoyed his set, and I would say he was able to warm up the crowd for the rest of the night.

I wouldn't had noticed Calderone had come in if wasn't because there was a spot light right at that exact moment, and the volume hadn't been increased substantially.

"Tribal rhythms, dark and sexy beats with a pinch of progressive are in the store for the Stereo faithful." You would recognized this quote if you have visited Stereo site lately, but what they cannot advertised is the fact you are going to be treated for a super voyage if you decide to be "pinched" by Calderone. The night is called Evolve, and I would love to one day to be able to sit down and ask him why he named his night as such, but I have the feeling it is what it is, an evolution not only of his sound but also of himself.

What can I say? The crowd? Beautiful. The place? Marvelous. The ambiance? Unique. DJs? Fantastically evolved to the next level in the evolution scale. Weather forecast for Montreal was rainy and cold for Saturday and Sunday, and most likely the majority of the people spent their day becoming a vegetable in their homes. The actual weather on Saturday and Sunday night at Stereo: Very hot atmosphere, with sexy sweat bodies moving around the dance floor, dark sexy tunes coming from the speakers, accessorized by a super inspired main DJ, which was able to take the entire dance floor in a journey like no other.

I said it before and I will repeat it once more, if the crowd is able to feel the DJ, and vice-versa, you are not only going to get an amazing non-verbal communication happening, but also an inspiration that enables the creation of an unique vibe that will never be replicated, only improved. I'm sure Calderone felt the crowd, because it felt as if we had allowed him to guide us during the whole evening, thru a tour of the known and unknown.

Calderone had a total control of the dancers, and the dancers of him, creating this magic energy that bounced from, around, and thru the walls of Stereo. The more the vibe increased, the more Calderone went digging deeper in his sexy tunes, creating this sensual atmosphere where everything and anything was possible. He was darker than usual, tribal sounds inspired by the batucadas I love so much, sexy beats that made not only the gay boys, but also the straight crowd to hug and kiss each other. Tribal progressive tunes that made me dance like a maniac, and I probably looked like one as well. Some vocals here and there, just showing up in the perfect moment.

Once again Stereo was able to attract a good looking crowd - the place got packed right after 3:30am, which was expected because the Parking crowd had began to arrived. Solid number of people until the end of the night. By the time Calderone took over the night, which was at 5:00am the place was already rocking, and it stayed full until the end.

Loved the new sofas placed in the right hand side upper area of Stereo - the massage area - most of the time I don't get the chance to venture to that side because I'm always dancing, but I did this time.

It was a beautiful night, and once again Calderone has shown why he loves Montreal so much, and why Montrealers love him back. If he didn't like it, he would had stop coming here a long time ago, instead it seems he is always able to connect with the crowd in a special way. The connection creates an energy that is not only inspiring to him as a DJ, but also to the crowd as dancers. Did I feel this connection? Yes, and not only that, I allowed Victor Calderone to guide me into a new adventure full of music and dancing, and the best of all, to share this feeling with an incredible type of crowd. No wonder why I had a smile in my face all night long.

Victor continued his magic until a little bit passed 12:00pm, this is when the music stopped and everyone thanked him for such an incredible journey. Danny Torrence was already up there talking to him. The lights were turned on, everyone checking everyone to see how "tired" everybody was. Calderone looked again at the dance floor, and as if magic he decided to continue to the party a little bit longer - and on top of that, to make it even more special, he decided to end the night playing house music with vocals. I was taken to heaven right there - bravo, bravo, bravo Victor. 12:30pm and the party upstairs was over.

I believe the super friendly energetic and enthusiastic people left didn't have enough for the night, because Stereo After 8 with Stéfane Lippé was another hit. Did anyone actually leave the place? Great music to continue partying. I probably left at around 4:00pm and there was still tons of people in the dance floor.

Happy Anniversary Stereo, and thank you Calderone for another historic night under the disco ball.


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