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David Morales B-Day Bash @ Stereo - Aug 26, 2006

Disclaimer: this is how I spent my Saturday / Sunday - and I know your experience of the evening was different, but this how mine went.

After a little bit of confusion with the line outside, you know the normal "this is where pre-sale tickets holders stay, this one is guest list and VIP, and this one is for non-ticket holder", I made it in with no much problems.

Girl power to the security duo upstairs. If I'm not mistaken one of the girls checking everyone was new, and of course she was paired with the other lovely one, which I still don't know her name, and I will ask next time around.

Nothing special about the decor of the main room, but with the new sound system who cares if they put naked people hanging from the ceiling, it is all about the music, the people, and the good time.

Billy Carrol was already doing his thing in the booth, and I'm assuming he was given a crash curse on how to use the new machine. Classic opening set I was told was the music to expect from Billy Carrol, and I believe someone mentioned it was mostly David Morales work.

Good start from Billy, nice warm up, good happy tunes, but to tell you the truth I couldn't wait for David Morales to move over and take us in the trip of our lives. Last time I heard Billy Carrol was a day before my trip to South Africa, and if I'm not mistaken was for his birthday. Being brutally honest, I enjoyed more his set back in February than this time around. Don't take me wrong, last Saturday he did a good job. Perhaps because I couldn't wait any longer to see what Morales was going to do with his new toy, I didn't like it, or appreciated, Billy's set as much as the last time I saw him.

Stereo got packed very fast, having a whole mix of people from all walks of life. You cannot define the people that comes to Morales parties, actually thinking about it, you can, people that come to his parties are the ones that enjoy a good time. Not just because he is going to spin more vocal, more electro, more techno, tribal or anything else. People come because they are expecting the unexpected from him, and being his birthday bash, hey what do you expect?

Morales showed up a little bit after 4:00 am in the booth area, and he showed Carrol some new tricks in the machine. How do I know? I was dancing right in the podium in front of the booth and I could see David doing something, which I imagine was some final tutoring in the new sound system.

Billy did his job, and I'm sure he felt satisfied with what he had given to the crowd. In the other hand, I couldn't wait to start my trip with Morales. How do I feel about being at Stereo for Morales? Morales answered my question with his introduction for the night - which happened around 5:00 am. He took a couple of seconds to thank everyone, not just at Stereo staff, but also Stereoheads, for the support given during all this time. He then went to say he was happy to be at "....my house, my home ...". I won't be wrong in saying that not just David Morales considers Stereo as their second home, a place where we go for the same reason, to have a good time.

It does not matter if you are fat or fit, straight or gay, black or white, cute or ugly, we all go to Stereo to enjoy our time, to feel the music, to feel what is to be in a place where almost no one judge you, or bug you - except the girl that was harassing me for the first 2 hours on Saturday night, did she know I'm gay? It doesn't matter, it was nothing that I couldn't take care using the famous smile that everyone get when you are surrounded by an amazing vibe.

How do I feel? After having Morales dropped the song "how do you feel", which happened a little bit after his mini speech, how couldn't I just feel happy? It was amazing to see the crowd going nuts with the song, and of course given us the introduction of "Say Something". Morales knows it doesn't matter where he is, this song takes the crowd to the roof, but he waited a little bit to give us the whole song. How do I feel? Imagine myself coming back from the toilette and listening tons of voices singing "how do I feel"? It was the first time I noticed so many people singing together the same song at Stereo. This is not something usual for a Stereo crowd, and the first time I heard this happening was in a club in São Paulo called "The Week". Stereo crowd singing "How do I feel" was just out of this world.

Morales then went on and gave us everything he knows and more. Imagine anything that is possible, and he did it. I know some people don't like when the music is stopped for a couple of seconds, and then is turn back on, but if it is done properly, it does give you a special pause, when we just stop doing what we were doing, and can just look up to the DJ booth and say wow.

Stereo was a full house, but not over crowded, it got hot sometimes but those new fans placed strategically in the four metal towers work wonderfully. The fans not just cool you off, but sometimes if you close you eyes you feel like you are in the top of the mountains feeling the fresh windy breeze hitting your body, accompanied by waves of amazing music.

I've been going to Stereo for a while now, in a regular bases, and this night Morales was able to take me in a trip that was just an out of body experience of different level. Yes, we all know we have the technology for an enjoyable trip, but this one was just something I will always remember - I will remember for many reasons, and you can ask me next time you see me, and I will give you more details.

SSS - the triple S of the Stereo Sound System, I can't stop saying how amazing it feels. It is just an incredible sound. I have traveled to many places around the world, and please don't even think I'm technically trained to give any rating to any sound system out there, but I can tell you how my ears and my body feel. This system Stereo has brought to Montreal is probably one of the best I have heard. Now combine the sound system with the Stereo vibe, and how do you feel? You have to experience it, because it doesn't matter in what language I say it, you won't know it until you live it.

People kept coming and leaving the place as waves hitting beaches in the East and West Coast of Canada. I met people from different cities, and I was surprised to met up with a couple from South Africa that ended up coming to Stereo because they heard the music while walking outside the building. Met some beautiful female Russian and Mexican models, which where having the time of their lives. Saw some friends that I haven't seen in a long time, and saw some regulars of the afterhours scene. Everyone were having a good time.

The music I heard is the music I like, the one that makes my body move like nothing else can. Beautiful people came for this evening, friendly people, too friendly if I include the girl that was harassing me at the beginning of the night. Beautiful bodies, wonderful attitude of the people, great interaction between the DJ and the crowd, amazing synchronization between the lights and the music, such a great party. "Losing my religion" from REM was once again dropped for the dancers to destroy in the dance floor, amazing remix.

Not sure what time it was, maybe around 11:00 am, when Morales let Danny Torrence take care of the job for a while. Once again, one of my favourites DJs from Montreal taking care of the dancers while Morales took a deserved rest. Gracias Torrence, for continuing the amazing job Morales was doing so far.

Morales came back to the booth a while after to continue his birthday celebration. I tried to look at my watch, which displays the times of Montreal, London, and São Paulo (three different times because of my job), I couldn't see anything, but I knew it was time to go home. I almost stayed at Stereo Bar for a beer, but I have to listen to my body when it tells me it is time to go home.

Once I got outside I looked at my watch and it was 3:00pm, and it was raining. Almost went back to the main room, but no, I want to be able to keep going to Stereo, and I already had my share of dancing for the evening. Time to go home and "say something" to my bed. Can anyone tell me what time did the party end?

Thank you Stereo for an amazing evening of entertainment, happy birthday Morales, and gracias por mantener en Montreal, uno de los mejores lugares que he tenido la chance de divertirme en toda mi vida.

Stereo no es un bar, o un club, es el paraiso.

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