Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ricky Montanari & David Morales @ Stereo - May 26, 2007

Disclaimer: This is a short review, and these are my personal views of this evening.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to this party, a Morales night combined with no tickets usually means a long queue to get in. If it wasn’t because of a friend of mine that had called and told me he could get me a ticket, I probably wouldn’t have gone - it was a last minute decision.

Due to previous engagements, I arrived at around 4:00am at Stereo, short wait to get in, and inside the place was full, but not super packed - and the temple was decorated with spring-like accessories.

Personally, the music was OK when I arrived, until it became monotonous, and then just plain boring! Not sure what Ricky Montanari was doing, and I hope next time he is able to understand the crowd, because if that place goes wild right at the moment that some good upbeat music is played, please keep “that” music going, and stop teasing the dancers. Actually, that was not teasing, it was pure torture and I couldn’t wait any longer for Morales to take over the evening. I doubt that the crowd was expecting a mix of progressive house and minimal tunes during the first part of the night (?).

Finally, @ a little bit past 5:00am, Morales showed up at the tables and unfortunately it was a short visit because Montanari continued spinning for another hour or so! Morales then came and as usual the crowd when nuts, and this time he stayed. Probably it took a couple of minutes for him to organize himself up there, because the music continued slow, or maybe he was just making a clean transition.

After that Morales did what he does the best, he entertained the crowd until the end. The versatility of the music during the whole evening was great, he took us back in time with some classic tunes, some older classics. He moved the dance floor to the present, catapulted us probably to the future, shaked us back to Stereo, and I loved every minute of it!

Almost all walks of life were represented on the dance floor, which is something I really enjoy from Morales nights. I know some of you are saying “but this is the typical Stereo crowd.” yes indeed, but even more on Morales nights. The special energy was in the air, and how couldn’t it be, as I just looked up and you could see how much fun Morales was having, then just look around and you would see everyone dancing like maniacs, never losing their smiles or friendliness.

I believe everyone felt sexy dancing under the command of Señor Morales, and it helped as he gave us the music for it. From tribal to the great anthems of the days, from techno to whatever else came out of those powerful speakers. Amazing up beat music that used up all my energy by 11:00am - if I can no longer dance, I prefer to leave because it would be torture to stay just listening the those great tunes while my body is telling me I should be dancing.

I Left the dance floor almost apologetically, but I had to go, just to be captivated by the energy down at Stereo bar. Don’t know who was spinning, but it was interesting music. If I had known it was raining outside, I would've probably stayed a little bit longer.

Thank you Stereo for another great and energetic evening - and gracias Morales por mantener mi sonrisa alegre durante toda la noche.

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