Saturday, December 29, 2007

Alegria - Rio de Janeiro - December 28, 2007

Unfortunately, unlike my best friends that find themselves in Rio right now, I'm in Montreal. Nevertheless they took the time to send me a mini review of the Alegria party, and I have to share it with you.

"The short is... you would have loved it! Everything was awesome: the music, boys and decor (the dance floor was like being at the bottom of a swimming pool: overhead was swimming lanes with beautiful mannequins swimming suspended in the lanes or diving!).

The show was a singer with dancers in individual boxes filled with water. With our VIP tickets, we had access to 2 private areas: one above the DJ high up where we ad a perfect view of the dance floor. And at 7 AM, a cruise ship full of little old American ladies arrived on the dock right beside the "chill out" lounge outside. What a sight for them: half naked guys making out and sketchy!

So Brazil is awesome. We loved Sao Paulo and Rio is better than we thought (if that's possible). We went for a Churrascaria tonight and had Caipirinhas on the beach watching the sunset (in our Havaianas and Sungas... :-) "

ps. although my friends had a great time, it sounds like Alegria Rio 2007 was affected by the problems they had in 2006. Attendance was not that great as organizers perhaps had expected.

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