Sunday, December 02, 2007

Alain Jackinsky & Stéphan Grondin @ Stereo - December 1, 2007

I cannot start this review right at Stereo, the night continued for me at Parking, where Offer Nissim was spinning with his drama-theatrical moves. Great vibe of the place, and I feel horrible to say it was even better that I was unable to see him moving his arms up and down, because I spent most of the night dancing up in the mezzanine, right beside the whole in the wall Parking has built to increase the air circulation of the place.

Arrived at Stereo a little bit after 3:00am, super energized by Offer Nissim, and Alain Jackinsky was in the middle of his set. First time in the big room for this young talented DJ, and I was sure he was going to nail it with no problems. Here is the thing, maybe because I was still in a high with Nissim music, it was problematic for me to join a warm up set. Maybe it was me, but I thought Alain was slowly trying to find his way with the crowd.

I kept waiting for that music spot that would make me part of the night, but didn’t start feeling it until close to 4:00am. By them everyone from Parking and Unity had joined the dance floor, and you could feel the increased vibe of the place. I also noticed Alain started to change his style when people started to fill up the place, and by 4:00am the volume was perfect and the music had more Alain’s signature, which I have heard many times before. For the next hour or so he did the job I was expecting him to do at Stereo. This guy is going to go far, and how old is he again? Did I mention he is also cute?

Grondin took over at 5:00am and started his phenomenal set. It was a combination of old, new and the unknown for the entire night. I don’t know how many times I looked up and asked myself how does he do that to me? How can he put this big smile in my face by just playing the perfect music? It was not overdone, neither underdone, it was just perfect music, combine with superb mixing, and spiced up by the energy of the dance floor.

House music in different styles were invited to the temple by Mr. Grondin, and I gladly danced to every single one of the tunes, so much that my legs are still hurting even today. I would love to mention the names of some of the delicious tunes I heard during the evening, but I’m so bad in remembering and knowing names.

I do have to thank Stéréo for getting rid of the bar located in the dance floor area. I like seeing the darkness in the back of the room, and now the dance floor is once again fully available to what it was made for in first place. Darkness with match perfectly the tunes by Grondin.

Couldn’t stay too long because had people waiting for me, nevertheless I left the temple at around 9:30am fully satisfied with the music and happy with the night.. Grondin did a phenomenal job, and I definitely would like to see Alain Jackinsky back taking care of the night.


charles said...

simplesmente AMAZING. du clubbing professionel with style and glamour.
for experienced clubbers only.

Patius said...

agree with you - I'm still analyzing in my head Jackinsky set - I must take in consideration I was Parking before (Offer Nissim). Review coming soon, I promise.

charles said...

funny, i must have been dancing right besides you at parking, coz me too i spent the whole night dancing on the mezzanine. was much cooler there. i stayed at the top of the stairs, just next to the fan... i couldnt see offer, but couldnt care less: i had the fan !!...