Monday, January 28, 2008

Rio Carnival Cruise 2008 - Atlantis - February 3 - 15, 2008

Just wishing a super trip to all Montrealers that will be part of the 3rd Atlantis South American Cruise. Some of you have already done an Atlantis cruise and know what to expect, and some haven't and you guys are for the ride of your lives.

Good change in the itinerary, the last 2 cruises have started in Buenos Aires and ended in Rio right before the Carnival, this time departure is from Rio de Janeiro and leaves at the end of Carnival.

Ports of Call: Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Parati, Santos, Porto Belo, Florianopolis, Punta del Este, Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Make sure to pack your outfits for the theme parties, do not forget decoration for your door, and make sure to have those "business cards" with your information to distribute to your new friends.

"The Week" might be offering special pricing for Atlantis' guests, and if you are not interested in doing the "Sambodromo" or the other Carnival parties around Rio, here is "the Week" schedule:

February 1 - Stephan Grondin
February 2 - Peter Rauhofer
February 4 - DJ Isasc Escalante
February 5 - DJ Brett Henrichsen

and if this is not enough, the following DJ's will be on board of the Atlantis cruise: Abel (Miami), Paul Goodyear (Barcelona), Brett Henrichsen (Los Angeles) and Douglas Penido (São Paulo). Last but not least, Pam Ann will be also performing, and she is the most hilarious flight attendants I have seen in my life.

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