Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reunion: Joubin and Chus & Ceballos @ Stereo - April 18, 2008

I cannot even remember the last time I saw Chus & Ceballos playing at Stereo. Although it was a last minute decision, I’m glad I decided to go, specially since the day before I had put my hands on the “Blended Sound 002” CD.

Joubin really worked his ass off warming up the crowd, and the closer it got for the end of his set, the more intense the music became. The place was packed crazy, and you could feel the energy building up.

Confession of the dance floor: I was not suppose to go out for C&C, but a friend of mine from NYC convinced me to go, then he decided at last minute he was not coming to Montreal, so there you have me at Stereo on Friday night. Never mind, I would probably have gone even if my friend didn’t come.

Chus & Ceballos arrived after 5:00am and they decided to slow down the tunes at the beginning. I thought there was no need for it, but probably it was one of their diabolic plans to get the dance floor going like crazy. Their back to back always work great, and I love when they start adding their special energy to their sets. They have changed in their style of music, it is tribal but different - I can’t say if I like more what they used to be or if I haven’t “evolved” with their present music. Nevertheless, they are Chus & Ceballos and their intensity in their night are just out of this word.

I was a little bit tired and left at around 9:00am - I know, maybe I’m getting old people, or maybe I was just listening to my body. I had a good time, and really enjoyed the crowd, some of which I would probably see the night after for Danny Torrence Climaxxx Blackout Edition.

Good job by Joubin, and had a good time with Chus & Ceballos, and I really recommend buying their double CD, it will make you dance at the confort of your own house, or car.

Update from New York City: according to my friends Victor Calderone once again delivered big time at Pacha last night (or this morning). Pacha, how did you enjoy being the center of the universe for the NYC boys this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I'm from Toronto, but attend Stereo once a month for my fave DJs, and I have never seen the club that busy, ever...Chus and Ceballos really delivered the goods. I closed that sucker out, and even my girlfriend, who doesn't do any drugs at all, stayed until the end.

I missed Danny Torrence, and I am kicking myself for it, but my body was out of gas. Apparently Torrence played some new promos from his New York boys Peter Bailey and Victor Calderone, so I feel like crap for missing the party. Danny said Stereo did 700+ which is amazing, considering the night before had Chus and Ceballos.

I heard Pacha was nuts as well. Carlos Fauvrelle (who is the hottest producer at the moment), opened up for Vic. My buddy from Toronto went their and lost his mind.

Can't wait until EVOLVE with Victor Calderone and Danny Torrence on the 3rd. Victor may be from New York, but Stereo is his real home.

B'UGO said...

thank you Patius! saw you from the booth. Thank you for sending me wonderful energy! :)