Sunday, May 04, 2008

Danny Torrence & Victor Calderone @ Stereo - May 3, 2008

I was scared in writing this review, because I believe there are no words to fully describe the incredible voyage hosted by Victor Calderone in his Evolve night at Stereo. Therefore I have decided to write a simple and compact review.

It has been a while since Caldeore graced the docks at Stereo, if I’m not mistaken last time was back in October last year. He has made to Montreal twice after but not to Stereo. Many people felt in love with him at the Bal en Blanc, and many had no idea he has switched his style to a more dark techy sound, from the delicious hard tribal he used to play before.

As soon as I arrived, got to talk a bit with Danny Torrence, which was not feeling well at all. Kudos for him for coming and playing his warm up set. Because of that the usual passing of the torch that occurs at 5:00am happened way before that, and Danny played a house techy set, staying away from the vocals and happy tunes.

There were a lot of newcomers to the temple, including some of my friends, nevertheless the energy was a typical Evolve night at Stereo: inclusive, vibrant and sexy.

One thing to note is how happy Calderone looked, I’m guessing he was really looking forward returning to his favourite place on earth, and even though NYC is his home and New Yorkers claim him as his own jewel, we all know Montreal has a bit to do with what Victor is today. Have you ever been at one of his famous Black & Blue recovery parties?

Techy hard tunes during the first part of the night, and this is where you saw people either falling in love with his new style (for those that hadn’t seen him since October’07) or finding it a bit too dark to follow - personally I find the his new combination of house, techno and minimal very appetizing. He did the usual song destruction and reconstruction, adding some faster tunes along the way, and almost no vocal were used during the first part of his set.

Around 10:00am, or perhaps even before, Victor decided to change gears and took us back in time and forward into madness. Vocals were heard from the speakers, happier anthems creating this calming and soft effect, just to be lifted with the old tribal signature I know so well from him. It was crazy seen the dance floor behave like it did - it was a total tribal madness, and too bad for those that wanted to see this part of Victor but didn’t have the energy to stay for it. I thought it was genius the way he did it, and more, did you see the big smile in his face while he was spinning?

Everyone that came from Parking were talking how good Joe Hickerson had been, and I’m glad he had still energy to keep partying because he danced almost until the end at Stereo. Didn’t get to dance to his tunes, and I just hope his talent is as good as his looks.

Victor did an encore by the end, and by noon everything was part of Stereo history, there were still lots of people on the dance floor, which kept Stereo Bar open for a couple of more hours - good job by Malick.

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