Tuesday, August 19, 2008

(((Stereo))) 102

Last Friday I had a drink or two with Mr. Stereo, and he filled me in with what is going on with the place.

I won't give you reopening dates, because we all know once we say one thing, and it doesn't happen, then more rumours get started, but I will tell you this, Stereo will reopen sooner or later.

In order to start the renovations, the place is only waiting for cooperation from mother nature and for doña seguradora to send a cheque.

The reopening party will be hosted only by local DJs, and afterwards is when the international cast will begin their peregrination to the temple. There are several new ideas for the place, and yes, the walls will get covered by a new technological wonder - it is all about the sound right? The booth might get moved, but who knows, this is (((Stereo))) we are talking about here.

Since David Morales might be looking for another venture, they might be looking for another partner for the place, so if you are interested and have some money to invest, then just get in touch with the (((people))) in charge - and yes, David Morales is still one of the main resident DJs.

Message posted by David Morales on July 4, 2008

First I want to thank all of u that hv sent, emailed, and texted me messages of love and support. God knows we all need it sometimes!

Yes, I'm sorry to say that there's been a fire at STEREO.
It's been proven that it is an act of ARSON!

It's really sad to know that we hv some real evil people out there.
The place that I call home, the place where we've spent countless journeys and musical experiences. The place where we've all laughed, danced and cried together, where we've made new friends..........
I cry as I write this and I'm not ashamed to say so because STEREO is a part of my life. She is my mistress. :-)

Rest assured that STEREO has NOT been burnt to the ground.
There's been some damage yes but nothing that can't be fixed.
I cannot tell u what the future holds for me regarding STEREO.

I will keep u all posted on any news and developements.


The important thing is (((Stereo))) will return, and oh my gosh how I miss this place. There are many chances happening to the new Stereo, and now is all about wait to see what's going to happen.

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