Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Twist Pool Party @ Parc Jean-Drapeau - August 2, 2008

DJs: Patrick Guay, Max Julien and Ian Key

Didn’t St. Peters get the memo it was Pride in Montreal this past week? It usually doesn’t rain during Pride (or Divers/Cité week / Twist / Love - just in case the “real Pride” people started to complain I’m misusing their name), but the weather did not cooperate at all with the outdoor activities.

To go or not to go to the Pool party was my dilemma, in the morning was Sunny and beautiful then it became dark and humid.

What is the worse it can happen I thought, to go and get wet in case it rains? Everyone will be wearing a swimsuit and I already have the ticket, so to the party I went.

Probably it was around 4:00pm when I got there, and I’m glad I decided to go because it was hot. Lots of good looking guys, I was just not too crazy about the music.

I’m sorry I have no idea who was spinning when I got there, perhaps I was expecting happier music for a pool party, specially when you have people trying to avoid the rain, maybe this is when you need music to motivate them to come out and dance? Talked to other people and they enjoyed the music, so maybe it was just me.

There were some technical issues with the sound, because it stopped 4 times, and it was not to change the DJ.

Anyway, I could had made my afternoon miserable by complaining about the weather or the music, instead and decided to dance and get wet with my friends. The rain would start then stop and then start again, thankfully it was not a tropical storm.

Last year the Pool party was the talk of the town, and it would had been the same this year if the big guy up there had read his e-mail about the upcoming “national” celebrations in this city.

The place was packed, and what most of the people, that had never been at this location, were commenting how beautiful the aquatic complex was. Indeed, it is a great place not only to go swimming, but to have those once in a while pool parties.

The music was much better by the time I decided to leave (around 7:00pm), and I left because I wanted to save my energy for the next party, otherwise I would had stayed a little bit longer.

There is no doubt I will be doing the next Pool party, because I just love the fact I can hang out with people in swimsuit.

Pictures courtesy of my friend Tim

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