Saturday, September 20, 2008

Culture in Danger (Culture en Péril)

This blog will try to keep itself neutral during the Canadian Federal Elections, but this clip is too funny not to be posted here. It will make more since if you speak English and French, but I'm sure you will understand even if you only speak English, or just turn on the subtitles.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: To see subtitles, you need to turn the captions "on" by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom right of the screen, then hover over the CC symbol and turn the captions "on" ***

"This video, titled Culture en Péril (Culture in Danger) was created by a few Québec artists and posted on YouTube to denounce the cuts in cultural funding by the Conservative governement, led by Stephen Harper.

When Beau Dommage's Michel Rivard visits a newly formed governmental committee overseeing cultural financing, language gaps and cultural misunderstandings abounds, mostly when Rivard plays his classical song, "La Complainte du Phoque en Alaska" (The Complaint of the Seal in Alaska)..."

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