Saturday, September 13, 2008

DJ Juanjo Martin - España

I've been hearing a lot about this guy from Madrid, transplanted Barcelona. Unfortunately I have never had the chance to see him performing live, but what people have told me, and what I have captured from the clips, he is not only good, but what a charisma with the dance floor.

Parking or Stereo (when reopen in November), can you please have a look at this DJ and bring him over to Montreal pronto? Joder tio!!!!!!

Clip from The Week International São Paulo (September 7, 2008)

and here is another clip of him at Space Ibiza - isn't he cute or what?

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Lindinalva Zborowska said...

He's not only cute. He plays good stuff too. And on the top of that he's humble, sweet and... Whatever!! I wanna get married to him, babe!! Affff!!!
One kiss and call me.
Got your e-mail with the songs but I could not download it. I wanna listen then in my Lindipod.