Friday, September 05, 2008

Rio de Janeiro Pool Party 2009 - Estação do Corpo

It feels like 38°C in Montreal today, but soon you know the white stuff will be here and then what? I might have something for you - a friend in Brazil sent me this suggestion happening in 2009, what do you think?

Hello friends,

You have asked and R:evolution has delivered. For NEW YEARS and CARNIVAL 2009, the original POOL PARTY in Rio de Janeiro returns in great style to ESTAÇÃO DO CORPO in Lagoa.

Get your trunks ready and bring on 2009! RIO DE JANEIRO - its going to be FIERCE, don´t miss it! More details coming soon on our website: .

Rosane Amaral

1 comment:

Fly Brother said...

yo, man, if you haven't hit up a brazilian pool party yet, you need to get the trunks on and get down there. they usually run from the end of september through march, so even if you don't make it to new years or carnaval, there will still be plenty opportunities to take a dip.

just my 2-cents.

cool blog, btw.