Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sensation White & Sensation Black

The above clip is from what used to be called "Sensation White", which started in Holland in 2000, and now it is a worldwide event. At the beginning there was only Sensation, then it was decided they were going to split the party in two: Sensation White and Sensation Black.

Sensation Black focuses more on darker music, like Hard style and Hardcore, whereas Sensation White focuses more on House and Trance.

Finally, it was decided that "Sensation White" would become "Sensation", and "Sensation Black" would be just "Black".

Schedule 2008:

08.03.2008 Chile, Santiago
26.04.2008 Belgium, Antwerp
03.05.2008 Hungary, Budapest
31.05.2008 Czech Republic, Prague
07.06.2008 Latvia, Riga
11.06.2008 Russia, St. Petersburg
07.07.2008 Netherlands, Amsterdam
27.09.2008 Lithuania, Vilnius
25.10.2008 Poland, Wroclaw
15.11.2008 Copenhagen, Denmark
22.11.2008 Spain, Madrid
31.12.2008 Australia, Melbourne
31.12.2008 Germany, Dusseldorf

Nowhere in the official website (www.sensation.com) you will find any Sensation event happening in North America, nevertheless Quebec City and Montreal just had their own Sensation parties - are they affiliated to the same event?

quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensation_(event)

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Anonymous said...

i was on 27th September in Lithuania(Vilnius) and i could say that there was very very cool! ;)