Sunday, October 05, 2008

Black & Blue 2008 - Digital Paradise

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October 09 - Jock Ball @ Circus
Patrick Guay
Alain Jackinsky

October 10 - Leather Ball @ Medley
Sin Morera
David Knapp
Tracy Young

October 11 - Military Ball @ Metropolis
Charles Poulin
Manny Lehman
Tony Moran

October 12 - Main Event @ Montreal Convention Center
Miguel Graça 21h30 - 1h15
Dave Seaman 1h20 - 3h40
Peter Rauhofer 3h45 - 6h10
Mark Anthony 6h15 - 8h40
D-Formation 8h40 - 12h00

October 13 - Recovery Party @ Circus
Ben Manson
Stefane Lippé
Junior Vasquez


Lindinalva Zborowska said...

UI!! Fazfavoire de ir ver a Madame Vasquez @ Circus. Quero ver se ela voltou ao normal. Pq o que vimos por aqui foi o vexame do século. Um beijo e me liga, fio!!

Patius said...

no, no, no ... recovery party for me is at Stereo with Victor Calderone, but unfortunately Stereo is not open and Victor will be in Toronto. Junior is a legend and so is Maradona ... :-)