Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2008

There are many option in Montreal this weekend boys and girls, you have Parking, Unity, Cherry, RedLite, Circus, too bad (((Stereo))) is not available, and many other venues. Great DJs everywhere, and I would seriously consider the combo the Blended boys are offering for the night, which starts with Pablo Ceballos (Parking) and ends with Danny Torrence (RedLite), and there is even transportation available between both venues.

I'm heading down to the Big Apple for the infamous Alegria party on Sunday night, which just announced Tony Moran will open up for Abel in the main room. I'm also really tented to check out Halloween at Pacha on Friday night, where Erick Morillo, Danny Tenaglia, Steve Angelo and Sebastina Ingrosso will be entertaining the crowd. I would have to leave a day earlier, and this is what I'm not sure if I can do it - let you know what I decided to do afterwards. Happy Halloween!

Halloween video by Pacha Tv

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