Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patrick Guay & Ana Paula @ Parking - October 11, 2008

Won't go into too many details because I think I wrote too much for my Black & Blue review. I've seen Ana Paula spinning several times now, and only once she has let me down a bit, but hey everyone is in title of a night off eh?

I do remember the first time I saw Ana Paula at Parking, it was her second coming to Montreal after her performance at the Divers/Cité 2007, and she didn't know too many people - I'm sure she felt like a fish out of water while she waited for her set to begin, and once she took charge of the decks, the energy of the room just exploded. Now she is a Parking resident and I'm sure she feel like she is coming home to play when she is scheduled to work in Montreal.

Patrick Guay, as usual, did a great job warming up the crowd, but everyone was just waiting for Ana Paula to arrive. There were lots of boys, not from Montreal, that already knew her of heard of her. I wouldn't be surprise if New York City were to call Ana Paula for a gig or two, there were tons of New Yorkers in town and all had only positive feedback to give after her performance.

Ana Paula performing at The Week Rio de Janeiro (Sep 08, 2008)

Ana Paula played hard and intense, starting with her dark happy tribal signature, but not limiting herself only in that genre of music, she also brought out of her bag minimal, progressive house, tribal techy, vocals I haven't heard, and more music we expect to hear during her set.

I wonder if people in Brazil have seen a difference in Ana Paula' set after she started to travel to Canada? She has definitely added much more than just Tribal into her music, and I just love how she mixes everything so well.

This was a perfect pre-Black & Blue party, the place was busy but with enough space to dance, and love the dry-ice machine Parking used so well during the night. Very sexy go-go boys, and yes we need more of those.

The Black & Blue is over, but I still think either the BBCM, or actually the Bal en Blanc people, should seriously consider booking Ana Paula for one of those massive parties we have in Montreal.

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