Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DJ Vibe @ Stereo in Montreal - Summer 2006

I know I have posted this clip before, but because I've been feeling a little bit nostalgic I decided to re-post it. This is DJ Vibe doing his magic at what was, and still is, the second home for a lot of people in Montreal (((Stereo))).

This should give you a hint about where I'm going to be on Saturday night, and please understand that the DJ Vibe that you will hear on Saturday night (Nov 22), either at the Unity Club or Red-Lite, is not the same you will see in the clip below.

In 2006, DJ Vibe was more Tribal, today he is more techy, and both versions are good, people evolve you know. By the way, if you look closely, you might find me dancing in this video.

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