Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bday wish granted?

it is not confirmed yet, but it looks like one of my bday wishes has been granted, it is most likely we are going to see Ana Paula in the house room, at the Bal en Blanc 2009 - what about adding Danny Torrence to the mix eh?

Update: conflicting information coming from Palm Spring. They are claiming DJ Ana Paula is booked for their White Party main event on Saturday (April 12. 2009) along side Tony Moran and Manny Lehman - but April 12 is on a Sunday not Saturday, therefore it could be true that Ana Paula is booked for the White Party Palm Spring main event on Saturday (April 11), then flying into Montreal to play at the Bal en Blanc main event on Sunday night (April 12). Cross the fingers people, because I really want to see this girl in one of the Montreal massive parties.

A couple of days ago I wrote about the fact it wouldn't take longer for the United States to start booking Ana Paula, well on December 12 she made her USA debut at the club Score in Miami, and my feeling is that Montreal had something to do with this booking, on top of Ana's talent of course.

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