Sunday, January 25, 2009

Danny Torrence @ Unity - December 31, 2008

I cannot believe it has taken me almost a month in order to write this review. There were several options for the last party of the year, and at the end we decided to have a house party, and afterward moving to Unity to experience what Danny Torrence had planned for the night. Danny is another in my top DJ list from Montreal, and I have been in some crazy and amazing parties he has been in charge before.

Probably arrived at around 1:00am and oh my gosh it was freaking cold in Montreal, and probably this is why I was hoping to have a super happy moving hot type of set from Danny. Did I get that? Probably if I had started the night at Unity, because I'm sure he must have dropped bomb after bomb up to the final countdown, when I got there he was feeling a bit in the mellow side.

The mellow phase lasted for a while, and finally he started to drop some hot tunes, heaven on earth under the command of Torrence, but unfortunately for myself he went back to the mellow phase no longer after. I only wish I had heard his set before midnight.

Young crowd, but lots of fun specially when most of people from the house party, I was at earlier in the evening, were at Unity as well. Got the chance to give Danny the Happy New Year hug, stayed until the end, and by the time I got to my car, I had this big smile in my face because last year Danny Torrence was the DJ that introduced me to the new year, and here he was doing the same for 2009.

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