Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stephan Grondin @ Parking - December 27, 2008

One of my favourite DJs from Montreal, and too bad I haven't had the chance to see him more often in the last couple of months. Grondin is probably one of the nicest person out there, and when he is in charge of the decks just make sure to have some comfortable shoes to dance, because it is usually a non stop trip to paradise.

House music twisted in Grondin's style is what I call it, and have you noticed how many DJs usually show up when Grondin is spinning? The music was above and beyond my expectations, moving my body from beginning to end and I can still hear the "Miles Away" remix played during the night - I believe it is Grondin's production, but not sure - you don't understand, I got chills when the song started to blast, and let me tell I was not the only one.

Some "classic" tunes were played, and everything made sense, we heard fast rhythm when needed, and slowing down the music when necessary. The vibe was sexy, happy, dark, a perfect ending for 2008.

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