Sunday, January 25, 2009

Victor Calderone @ Unity - December 20, 2008

First of all I must apologize to the Unity crew because sometimes I keep referring to Stereo when talking about them. I just hope Unity take this as a complement, because in order to recreate something similar to what Stereo has had in the past is not an easy task.

Said that, you must realize Unity was transformed by Victor Calderone into something none of the Unity regulars could recognize. Unity became an Evolve night in a regular bar scale. Yes, there were still lots of young people, but it got diluted by the number of Calderone's followers that showed up. Whoever left early because "there were too many young people" at the beginning, they have no idea what a fun and great party they missed.

Although I hadn't seen Victor in a while, I wasn't sure which Victor was going to show up for the night, specially since some friends from NYC had told he had played some disappointing sets in the big apple.

Victor was superb, and he is still in his techy phase, and I believed he adjusted his set a bit for the night, making it happier and adding some tribalish tunes to flavour more the dance floor. He looked very happy and the dance floor even more.

I already apologized at the beginning, so I'm guess I'm allowed to go back to my referrals. Unity was transformed into a mini Stereo, the vibe was just off the hook with beautiful people all over the place. The mix of ages was also refreshing to see at Unity, and what I really enjoyed was the fact the room was kept dark most of the time. If someone asked me what could be done to improve the space, my answer would be to do exactly what was done during Victor's nights with the lights, keep it dark.

I only wish Unity always had a mix age crowd as this evening, I would probably go there more often. Maybe I'm the one getting too old, didn't think about that.

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