Monday, February 23, 2009

Black Party - NYC - March 21, 2009

One of the most infamous New York parties is fast approaching, but be warned, this is not a party for amateurs. I've been invited to go down and haven't said no or yes yet.

edit: the video was blocked in youtube - I guess it was too provocative.

Edit (March 26): guys, I really wished I had gone to this party so I could give my own review, but this is what a friend of mine texted right after the party:

"I loved the Black party...thought Boris was the best...even Junior was good for once. Most people didn't like Boris though cause he doesn't play vocals. I loved the nonvocal tribal techno style Boris has."

then looking at the comments you guys are leaving, it looks like there were more people that were left unsatisfied with this year's Black Party.


Anonymous said...

honestly I was nonplussed by the event itself.

Anonymous said...

Was terrible..

Anonymous said...

the Saint At Large got this year's Black Party '09 ALL WRONG - Here is your report card, after 11 consecutive years of my attendance and financial support:
music: F-
talent: D
design: D+
crowd: A
You can fix this problem guys by reexamining what makes a good party... go back to chapter one on how to do this and re read the essentials and do yourself a favor by reinventing this for your avid followers. See you next year and hopefully you will have followed this advice, call me if you need help!

Anonymous said...

Epic Fail DJs. Seriosuly wtf was up with that shit? Peaking not so fun.. Felt like go put you to sleep music srsly! Backroom now a VIP area? .... thats where a lot of the fun was in the past years. Was looking forward as always to the event.

Anonymous said...

This was my third year going and I was very excited about the event. We arrived to find a 40 minute coat check line, ok, not a great start but understandable. We went to the dance floor and were underwhelmed by the sleepy music. We made or way to the bar where the bartenders were slow and apparently picking who to serve next in no particular order. The folks next to me had been waiting 20 minutes before I got there and we stood in line for another 20 minutes with them before we got drinks. It seems there were more people than last year, and definately was a hot crowd, but with the VIP areas so much space was lost that it really ruined the fun. Tickets were over $100 each and for this we got bad music, poor service and actually ended up leaving around 4am to wander around the city. We went back around 8am and stayed until it closed hoping for things to improve, unfortunately that did not happen... Hopefully this was just an "off" year and things will be back on track for next year.

Anonymous said...

Wow... the lights and sound were much better this year... The DJs were somehow in the right track and to be honest Junior was the best of them..
I am looking forward for another exciting Black party.. New York def kick ass when it comes to party.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Sucks that s once a year this party happens and it doesn't make the cut.