Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bal en Blanc 2009 - Count down

Bal en Blanc 15 - Review

There are only 22 days left for the big event at the Convention Center, which this year has chosen the "green" theme, green as in recycling and not as in Irish.

and taken from the Bal en Blanc press release:

Entire programming for the 15th Bal en Blanc unveiled

Partying promises to be intense at the 15th Bal en Blanc, which will be taking place, as tradition demands, on Easter Sunday (April 12) at Palais des Congrès. A blend of prominent figures from previous editions and new DJs for attendees to discover, the anniversary programming brings together Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Roger Shah and Insomnia in the Tech room, while Offer Nissim, Axwell, Deadmau5, Victor Calderone, Ana Paula, Uppercut and King Louis will be performing in the House room. In addition, Brazilian singer Amannda and Montreal’s Lavoie will do the 15th-anniversary theme song as a duo to music composed by Steve Aries aka Jester. A varied programming of related events will round off the festivities from Thursday to Monday, April 9 to 13.

To avoid congestion and waiting at the Palais des Congrès entryway for Bal en Blanc, the organizers have come to an agreement whereby a greater proportion of the rented spaces can effectively be converted and used while the event takes place. A higher number of security agents will also be assigned to searching in order to speed up access to the rooms.

Bal en Blanc goes green

Various initiatives have been put in place to reduce the environmental impact of White Party Week. For instance, printed on more ecological paper, the magazine is now being distributed in smaller quantities in order to promote the use of a new electronic version, accessible on the website. As for the event itself, several approaches have been modified. It begins with the recycling of the roughly 50,000 bottles and containers of water, juice and energy drinks consumed during the Bal, not counting plastic glasses. The use of less energy-consuming lighting systems is also part of the measures adopted, as is the choice of recyclable materials for decorations. The day-to-day administrative practices of Playground Productions have also been reviewed – in particular at the level of recycling and energy savings – to render these less damaging to the environment.

and as it happens every year, there are people that cannot stop complaining about the line up, about the ticket prices, about everything, and others that are just happy and can't wait to get their white outfit on and go dancing. Personally I think the Bal en Blanc, together with the Black & Blue, are 2 of the Montreal events you have to experience at least once.


9h00PM - 11h30PM - Insomnia
11h30PM - 2h20AM - Markus Schulz

2h20AM - 2h30AM - "Dressed in White" The theme song of the 15th anniversary of Bal en Blanc,. Performance by Yan Lavoie and Amannda (lyrics by Yan Lavoie to the music of Steve Aries aka Jester remixed by Markus Schultz).

2h30AM - 6h00AM - Above & Beyond
6h00AM - 10h30AM - Armin Van Buuren
10h30AM -12h00AM - Roger Shah

9h00PM - 11h30PM - King Louis
11h30PM - 1h00AM - Uppercut
1h00AM - 3h00AM - Offer Nissim

3h00AM - 3h10AM : "Dressed in White" The theme song of the 15th anniversary of Bal en Blanc. Performance by Yan Lavoie and Amannda (lyrics by Yan Lavoie to the music of Steve Aries aka Jester remixed by Ana Paula).

3h10AM - 5h30AM - Ana Paula
5h30AM - 8h00AM - Axwell
8h00AM - 10h00AM -Deadmau5
10h00AM - 12h00AM -Victor Calderone

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how can i get the vocal mix of dressed in white.. really enjoyed it in the house room