Monday, March 30, 2009

Montreal - Weekend 14, 2009

There are only 13 days until the Bal en Blanc people and I still don't have my outfit, so considering this is going to be the pre-Bal en Blanc weekend, we have the incredible Mark Farina @ Karma, Gui Boratto @ Parking, Creator @ Circus, Ralphi Rosario @ Parking, Mark Anthony @ Unity, and many others in town.

What am I doing? Love Ralphi Rosario and Creator, but for sure I'm saving myself for Mark Farina at Karma on Saturday night (finally I'll get to review the place and Farina as well).

Talking about energy, last Saturday I ended up at Unity where Isaac Escalante delivered a super charged set, if I have the chance I will write a review of the night.

Remember I mentioned no longer ago something about DJ Felipe Lira from Brazil? He played at Fly nightclub in Toronto no longer ago, anyway I just learned he will be spinning at Parking at the beginning of June, and I just hope he is ready to play for the Parking crowd. Felipe if you are reading this blog here is a message for you, play well in Montreal and this might become your diplomatic passport for North America.
DJ Felipe Lira



Hi there!!!
thanks for the post here and i will wait for you at parking club, ok?

See you there.

Hugs and goovibes!

Diego Silva said...

Brazil is increasingly present in other countries. Our vibe is groovy and wonderful and contagious. Felipe Lira Congratulations!