Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MTLNIGHTS & Parking - March 21, 2009

Are you doing your taxes as well? After spending the whole day trying to find all the receipts, forms et al, I decided it was time to go out and about. The night was divided in two. First to hit the MTLNIGHTS 7th anniversary party, and then get down to Parking to check out Phil Romano.

The MTLNIGHTS party was cool, but I must admit I loved more last year's location. Not too many people when we arrived, but it started to get busy by the time I left the "loft". It was nice to see old faces, which I haven't seen in a long time, plus loved the easy going type of crowd. Music was kind of funky old house school style, very groove to dance those tunes. Did not get to see Florence singing, but she mentioned at the beginning she was going to have two dancers with her, I really would had loved to see their performance. Personally, I think MTLNIGHTS should try to get more of these party happening thorough the year. some small, something funky, something different.

Moving on the second part of the Evening, and by 2:00am we were hitting Parking, which was kind of busy, but I got worried when I saw some people getting their coats to leave the place. The place was busy and as soon as I got in, I asked a friend how Phil Romano was doing, and the answer was so so.

Checked around and there was everything for a great party, beautiful people, good energy, warm ambiance, sexy dancers, I just don't like where Parking has placed those big speakers - it takes off some of the DJ booth views, and I'm guessing the DJ loose some of the dance floor view eh?

Anyway, after a while I understood why my friend told me the music was so so, there were too many ups and downs with not too much climax. Phil would start lifting everybody up, the place would get rocking and then ... nothing, he would bring the mellow music back, slow down the whole thing for no reason at all. Please keep in mind this is my personal opinion of the night, and I'm sure there are many people that felt otherwise about the evening.

Don't take me wrong, he was playing some great tunes, and I did dance like crazy but he just kept the place going like a roller coaster. My feeling is he did not take advantage of the great vibe that was available to him at Parking. I was curious about this DJ, but unfortunately I was not impressed for what he delivered, maybe it was his off night, or maybe it was just me.

Finally, although my musical hunger was not fully satisfied, I enjoyed my evening, danced with my friends, and I'm still smiling because Spring has arrived.

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