Thursday, May 07, 2009

Black & Blue 2009 - Post 1

You probably heard or read about it already, but I'm very excited about the fact John Digweed will be present in the Black & Blue 2009. Way to go BBCM, and I can see way more straight people attending their first Black & Blue party.

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Anonymous said...

John Digweed? How fuckin lame is that. This is so 1997.
...and Dave Seaman was already bad enough last year.
This event is getting worse every year!

TCmontreal said...

I was there, Digweed sucked, so did Dave Seaman. Do str8's really want such low-energy music for a 14 hour party? Don't think so. Obviously, the organizers wanted to get Montreal str8's there to make up for the gays from Ontario/BC/States who did not attend. Seems to me they got about the same number as always. Hope next year is better.