Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary Unity - 7 Years

No worries people, I haven't forgotten this month is the 7th anniversary celebration of the Unity Club, I've just been too busy with my upcoming trip. My question is this 7 years includes the time the Unity club didn't exist? Remember after they closed Unity (1st incarnation), then it became a straight club for a while? Is it 7 years since the opening of Unity II? or from the original Unity?

This past weekend they decided to bring the Israeli flavour to the house (how was it?), followed by some hot Brazilian rhythm this coming weekend, and climaxing with our own Montreal Danny Torrence at the end of the month. By the way, I think is time to use another Ana Paula's picture.

I've had a lot of fun a Unity, I just wished the demographic was a little bit more mixed (age wise), but it has been open for 7 years already - that's like 50 in human years - so they must be doing something right. Happy Anniversary Unity, and I'll make sure to hit your dance floor soon.

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