Wednesday, June 17, 2009

São Paulo Pride 2009 - acabou

I still don't understand why São Paulo hold their pride celebration during their winter time, I know most of the cities want to keep the date around the Stonewall riots (NYC), but come on, I'm sure they would be forgiven if they were to held this celebration during their Summer instead.

Awesome parties according to my friends, and The Week International probably was the club most visited during the celebrations last week, but don't think that is the only place to go while there, there are many other venues in this great city.

Our correspondent in São Paulo, Lindinalva, prepared a clip of one of the parties at the Week (Pacheco & Cecin), so here it is:

By the way, there is another Brazilian DJ coming up to Parking in July, Allan Natal from the city of Belo Horizonte. My understanding is that he is a great producer, young, and I hope he is a great DJ as well. One last thing, I have noticed most of the Brazilian DJs are adding this "baladaish" moments during their sets, kind of cool, specially if you have someone in your arms.

and here is another clip from our Brazilian correspondent Lindinalva:

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