Thursday, July 09, 2009

Alegria - Alegria - Alegria

yes sir, Tony Moran will be in town on Saturday, and although I'm super busy it is most likely you will see me on the dance floor at Parking. Tony always bring happy tunes, and I'm really feeling like having a happy time, so why not eh? Here is a sample of what Tony did at the Alegria party during NYC Pride 2009:

and in other news, in a couple of days, I shall be dancing to the tunes of another happy DJ. Imagine a white night party in the Baltic sea with DJ Abel (Miami), but not only Abel, I will also have the pleasure to move to the rhythms of Wayne G (London), Paul Goodyear (Barcelona) and Guy Smith (NYC). You will have to give me sometime to review those parties alright?

Now, you have never been at the Alegria party in New York City? What are you waiting for? This is a sample of DJ Abel doing his magic:

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