Monday, July 13, 2009

Departures - the show

It is not the first time I have talked about this show, but after watching the entire first season of the show, “Departures” is probably one of the most inspiring traveling shows I have ever seen. It’s what they called, “aimed at the adventure seeker”, you know, that person you used to be, and you started to forget once you settle down in your office, or in you new life-a-deux. Then occasionally you kind of remember that part of you, which still exists deep inside of you, but most of us just find too hard to dig out, or maybe too scared to do something about it.

This blog exists because I wanted to share with you 3 things I love to do: dancing, traveling and writing. It might be kind of selfish in one way, because it is mostly me talking, and you reading. Then I think about it, and if there were no visitors, what would be the point about writing something if there was nobody reading right? In other words, we are having a “virtual conversation”, and I hope some of you get inspired as well and go dancing to one of those many parties I write about.

What I found different about this show, is the way Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach present the country they are visiting. It is not just about going to a place and showing the buildings or how beautiful the view is, but the most remarkable moments of their trips have been the human factor in each of their episodes. The first episode (Canada: ocean to ocean) was okay, I guess they were still trying to figure out how the show was going to be. Although I must admit it did pick up by the time they were in Alberta, but then the second episode (Jordan) was just an unbelievable experience, and now I really want to travel to Jordan.

Unless I won the lottery today, realistic speaking it would be almost impossible to do what these two Canadians have done, to leave everything behind (jobs, girlfriends, friends and more) and go traveling for an entire year. Fortunately I do have the opportunity to escape, once in a while, to a place I have never been before. If it is for vacation, I tried not to repeat the same place because if I had a great time the first time, I want to keep it that way, and if I went back I would probably be comparing to the last time I was there, and it is never the same - so instead of perhaps disappointing myself, I just prefer to keep those great memories in my heart, and try to explore something new - don‘t they say our heart is big enough to fit the entire world?

If you have the chance to watch this show, please do it, or even better, just go and explore some place you never been, and sometimes that could be in your own city.

Talking about traveling, in a couple of days this blog will be officially on vacation, Won’t promise you anything, but I will try to post something here and there to keep you up-to-date. Heard good things about Tallinn and can’t wait to see Berlin, plus there is a big party waiting for me in Copenhagen, and I'm crossing the fingers that our Summer in Montreal does return soon.

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