Monday, July 06, 2009

Oscar Velazquez @ Parking - July 4, 2009

Señor Velazquez was on fire Saturday night, and I must admit he was less commercial than last time I saw him. The set was very tribal oriented, with lots of vocals, but what stayed in my mind was to see how he was reacting to the reaction of the crowd. The more people danced the more energy he added to the set, how could I tell? You just had to look up and see his big smile.

I also noticed the boxes have been moved to the center of the dance floor, at first I thought it was not happening, maybe because the people that decided to get up there. Once the party got rolling and the place filled up, I think the boxes did their job to add an extra sensuality to the place, specially having some sexy dancers moving their bodies for the crowd. I might suggest Parking to move the boxes around once in a while. Some people liked, some people were indifferent, the important things is to keep trying new things.

Personally I had a great time, couldn't stop smiling and dancing, and it is always nice to meet up with really cool people to have some fun. Did not stay until the end, got tired (man, I think I'm getting old) and left with a nice smile in my face - Good job Oscar Velazquez.

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