Sunday, September 06, 2009

Saturday - September 5, 2009

Guys, it really doesn't matter what I write for this Saturday night, and although I was at Parking (Rafael Calvente), what everyone wants to hear about is how Stereo grand opening night is going. Sorry Rafael Calvente, I might come back with a summary of your night, but let me tell you what I saw in front of (((Stereo))).

After Parking, I decided to walk over Stereo and saw some friends in line. It sounds like the final inspection lasted longer than expected, causing a delay in the opening of the doors. I was there at around 3:30pm and I was told the doors had kind of just opened, and the line was stretching around the block. I could hear people walking around the front doors, on the cell phones, talking to some people inside asking how to get in - "willing to pay anything but get me in" - sold out night and good luck in case you get there with no tickets. Probably you should wait until 5:00 or 6:00m in case you are one of those with no tickets.

What about me? I would had loved to go, but decided a couple of days ago I'm going to wait a couple of days until I get my normal (((Stereo))). I'm sure the opening night will be great, perhaps with some glitches here and there, but that is normal and expected, specially after what happened at the place.

No Patius review for the opening weekend, but I'm sure we are going to hear about them soon enough - some people will love it, others hate it, you know the usual thing. But do expect a Patius review in the next couple of weeks

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