Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Stereo Update

according to angel on facebook (September 3, 2009):
"My friends, From Stereo's stand point WE CAN BE OPEN THIS WEEKEND. Although we ask that you understand that it is not completely under our control as the fire marshal still needs to inspect and aprove the venue. With this in mind lets pray that all the help and positive energy from all of you spills over to the powers that be. Fingers crossed"

Incredible love for Stereo, the community has rallied behind the temple and helped out with the cleaning. Nothing official yet, but there is a lot of work to make the grand opening this weekend, and even if Stereo can't open its doors, what a demonstration of solidarity for this club.

If you are a Facebook member, you probably read this message already:
ATTENTION ALL STEREO FIRE FIGHTERS: If you wanna show your support for our boys.. Make this your profile picture and show the haters just how strong our Love is for OUR HOUSE. If you're a true HEAD, POST IT NOW & PASS IT ON to ALL STEREO HEADS!! Let's see how fast we can make this REACH AROUND THE WORLD!!!

Latest Update: We'll be back, Stereo says

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