Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This Blog Supports (((STEREO)))

Stereo Forever

It makes sick to think there are people out there that are unable to embrace the success of an establishment, and not being able to destroy our dream once, they are trying the second time.

Stereo is an unique place, and I have traveled to many cities and I'm still haven't been able to find a club that I can call my second home, as I have done with Stereo. I have searched for "that" vibe, the feeling of been somewhere, where it doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, young or old, fat or fit, ugly or beautiful, man or woman, where the only thing we care about is that you are having a good time, and that you are dancing.

I feel fortunate and privileged that I have had the chance to spend so much time at this place. I have learned many things about music, have met wonderful people, and gotten myself into interesting situations, and all because of Stereo.

I'm scared to start counting how many hours of dancing I have spent at the temple, and my hopes are that more people will have the chance to do the same thing, in a world class club called Stereo. This blog completely supports Stereo, its staff and its followers.

Hopefully the perpetrators of this arsenal will be found and persecuted, and I hope Stereo does not give up and keep fighting to survive, because today more than ever we are all Stereoheads.

Long Live Stereo

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