Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ana Paula @ Parking - October 10, 2009

Did you notice there was no David Morales @ Parking review last weekend? The reason why I decided not to write anything was because I really didn’t have too many things to say, and when I don’t feel that a DJ has excited me or inspired me on the dance floor, then the same thing will be when I’m seating in front of my computer to write a review. David Morales could have given us the best party ever, instead he showed us what to if we want to chill out. Don’t take me wrong, he had some good moments, but I wasn’t looking for moments, I was looking for a good night of dancing.

Fast forward one week and here we are, Black & Blue weekend, and Ana Paula decide to show the boys how is done. By the way, I must say Ana’s decision to exit The Week International as a resident DJ probably has been one of her best decisions ever. I keep looking around and she is playing non stop in North America since, and tonight she will be spinning once again in New York City with Peter Rauhofer.

Ana Paula gave us what I expected from David Morales last weekend, an incredible party from beginning to end. She came out strong, radiant, secure, and I’m amazed on how much her style has grown since the first tine I heard her in Montreal a while back. I remember I wrote once that I felt as if she was spinning just for you, and this was so true last night. Every time I looked up, she was there working her magic to make me, and I say “me” because this is really how I felt, to make me feel special on the dance floor.

The music Ana Paula is playing now is a great mix of the best Brazil has to offer combined with best of North America, her sound has mature and it is no longer the expected Brazilian tribal or the super happy diva vocals, it is just a perfect combination of great house music. If you were expecting an all night diva vocals probably you must be feeling a little bit disappointed, and if you were after the tribal sound, then the same is true for you. If you went to Parking expecting to have a good time, and you were open to whatever style of music was going to be delivered, then you probably are feeling very happy to have chosen to go out last night.

By the way, really loved the Shakira’s Wolf mix she dropped, and the way she was lifting the energy of the dance floor. You can tell it is a long weekend because there were so many out of town-ers last night.

It was a very nice vibe, easy going, sexy and at the same dark, similar to what the style of music Ana Paula was spinning. By the end of the night, there was a song playing, and the lyrics were something about Saturday night, the camera of rolling and Ana started to sing along and everything was been broadcasted thru the screens, that was an awesome moment.

If I’m not mistaken this is Ana’s first time at the new Parking, and I had the chance to exchange some words with her and what a great mood she was on, and I’m pretty sure she is going to rock the party in New York City, Peter should watch out because she might actually steal the show. The last song of the night I think was Celebration by Madonna, and if you asked me, this has been one of her best performances so far in Montreal. Alain Jackinsky also delivered an amazing warm up set.

Ana Paula, I want to have your children girl.


Blog do Dirceu said...

wonderfull words about The Queen Ana Paula, love read words that lift a dj woman... hugs mr Patius.

DJ Andre Garça said...

Ana is the best! :)
Ana + Alain = perfect combination!

hugs from Rio de Janeiro!