Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Montreal - Weekend 43

Another weekend is here, and this is no longer the one after the Black & Blue, which by the way, my understanding is that the circuit boys from Los Angeles did not enjoy very much, and the info has been passed on to the rest of the local boys.

Back to Montreal, and I believe Karma is one of the best options in town this Saturday, and I also think Stereo might ended up bringing a monster DJ this weekend. One thing that just surprised me was to see that the tickets for Offer Nissin at Parking are at CND 45.00 at the door - not sure about you, but I think that is a bit too much. Everyone knows that I love Parking, and it is one of my favourite non-afterhours club in Montreal, but I'm not willing to pay that much money to see Offer Nissim, actually to tell you the truth there are not many DJs that I'm willing to dish out that amount of cash.

If I decide to go out, I'm probably heading down to Karma, it has been a while since I've seen Danny Torrence in action, and I really enjoy that venue.

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