Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stereo Saturdays

Here is a suggestion to Stereo, everyone knows I consider Stereo to be my second home, and I just love the place, but I'm having second thoughts about the whole surprise DJ on Saturdays, where the DJ is only announced when you are on the dance floor.

It is an interesting concept, but I would hate to see one of my favourites DJ spinning on a Saturday night and because I didn't know about it, I missed it big time.

Stereo, I don't mind about the whole idea of the surprise DJ, but what about dropping some hints for us to figure out? The tips don't have to be obvious, but at least give us an idea what to expect.

On a final note, please bring Ana Paula to Stereo, and because I know you won't announce her due to the whole surprise DJ thing, bring her on a Friday or Sunday, this way you are assured to have a super full house.

Love (((Patius)))

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