Saturday, December 26, 2009

Harri Choo Choo Romero @ Stereo - December 12, 2009

Quick summary while I'm waiting for my flight to Paris.

Instead of going to Stereo at 6:00am as I've been doing lately, I decided to go earlier, and by 2:30am I was there, something more in line with the old Patius. Choo Choo Romero all night long I was told by the stuff, and I couldn't be happier, because I really enjoyed the music, and the vibe was like what I was expecting for an unexpected evening when I wasn't even supposed to show up at Stereo.

Not sure if the fact there was a gay wedding in the same night, and almost all guests showed up afterwards at Stereo, if this had something to do with the full house, or just because people were feeling like partying and thanks to our music saint - is there one by the way? - Choo Choo Romero gave us music to dance.

Loved how he mixed all different styles of house, from tribal, to techy, to trance, you name it, he just put everything in the blender, and the resulting cocktail was exactly what my favourite bartender had prescribed me for the night.

The whole evening was fun, and I must say it was even better than Romero's last visit to the temple, which was a while back by the way. Great crowd, and I had the chance to catch up with some people I hadn't seen in a while.

Choo Choo Romero did no play all night long as I had been told, because maybe by 7:30am or so Alain Vinet took over the decks, and what a disappointing transition it was. Not sure what Alain was thinking, but he was handed a nice dance floor, he just had to continue to party, instead he decided to mellow it down and I'm not kidding you, withing 30 minutes people that were going crazy dancing were already lining up to get their coats. I've seen Alain many times, and he is very good, but not sure what he had in mind when he decided to bring down the music the way he did. By the time I was picking up my coat, Alain decided to turn up a notch or more, and the music began to feel like what he wanted, but by them he had already lost me, and many of the other people as well.

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