Sunday, December 06, 2009

Stereo - December 5, 2009

Full review in the works, and now I just wanted to share with you my feelings towards Stereo's new concept for Saturday night, you know the one, when no DJ name is advertised and you find out who's spinning on the dance floor. I totally dislike the concept, and furthermore, this new style has killed the 7:00am pick party time at the temple.

I spent 3 hours at Stereo this morning, and I still don't know who the DJ was. I did ask a security person the name, and it was something like Actia, or Exactiva, or Maxima or something, I just recall thinking it was like a name for yogurt.

Many times I raved to my friend about how great this club was, and one of the well known "features" was the fact the party really got happening at around 7:00am, now because you don't know who the DJ is, I find as it has actually killed the excitement of going to Stereo, and people just don't stick around until late anymore. I've gone back around 6 times since the grand reopening, and in every single time I left by 9:00am or earlier, because the club was already kind of empty and I didn't feel the vibe anymore.

Just wanted to get this off my chest, but don't worry because full review will be posted soon.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that....
By the way, the DJ was Exacta