Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ned Shepard & Sander Kleinenberg @ Stereo - April 2, 2010

Glad my work week was over because I couldn’t take one more day of craziness, so you must understand I was ready for some major dancing, specially when we are talking about Bal en Blanc long weekend in Montreal.

Decided to arrive early - 2:00am - and although Sander was scheduled to begin spinning at around 5:00am I kind of wanted to feel some Nep Shepard.

Stereo was expectably more straight, there was even someone that told me he was surprised to see me in a not so gay event, well you know, it happens, specially since I recall the first time I saw Sander Kleinenberg at Stereo. Remember so well been involved by this incredible vibe and music, amazing when peak time arrived and I felt I was part of something big, I did not stop smiling and perhaps what made that occasion special was the fact I had no expectations, like when I visited Los Angeles for the first time - loved them both by the way.

Nep Shepard did his job in warming up the crowd, but with nothing memorable - the music was housy and jazzy, and in my view it could had been better.

3:00am and place was already busy, and security, I know you guys are trying your best in all, but let someone in with glow sticks? I believed there was an unwritten rule to not display those “things” at the Temple, but okay I won’t give you a hard time because a minor distraction.

Due to the fact my only working watch find itself in a draw in Chino Hills (California), my chronology might be a bit off, I believe it was around 4:00am when Sander took over the decks and then … nothing.

Seriously, we already had a warm up set, and if this is what he was trying to do, the only thing he accomplished was to bore me to death, and I almost left when I started to hear a song about a lady bug. Sander started with house music, the hyphen-less type, and unfortunately it was not happening for me, some call it music with soul, I personally just wanted some stronger music at this point. I know how my energy might influence others on the dance floor, and this is why I decided to move to the mezzanine and stayed there watching the crowd. Probably this went on for 2 hours and when I was ready to leave this is when Mr. I-have-the-whole-evening-structured-in-a-super-tight-way started to play the real thing, at least for me.

Sander started to drop some incredible sexy dark tunes, and this got me dancing and sweating in no time, my smile returned, my body felt energized, and you could see how the crowd reacted, so much you couldn’t see one person seating in those mini stages spread out in the dance floor. This is what I had come to see and feel for the night, and Sander almost lost me, and too bad for the people that didn’t have as much patience as myself, because they left without experiencing the other side of Sander. The music was like a bridge between house and trance, and very tight production, just the sound that once in a while was a little bit too laud.

Sander calls his tour “This is”, and I must say I was ready to say “this is it”, and I’m glad I waited because those 2 hours or so of good music that I experienced saved the night for me. I will not say this was an incredible evening, perhaps because I was expecting great music from the beginning, and I won’t excuse myself for expecting the best from top DJ’s, but I won’t say this was a bad party either - this is why “this is” a mix review for Sander.

I had a great time dancing with some people I haven’t seen in ages, and with all those new friends as well - left around 8:00am, and remember this is my personal view of the night.

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