Thursday, May 13, 2010

Piknic Électronik - New Policy for the Summer 2010v2

Good news boys and girls, the Piknic Electronik people have reverted their initial decision of not allowing people to bring their own alcoholic drinks - see press release below - and I also noticed their site is now bilingual.

MAY 13

Good news! This year, fans of Piknic Electronik can once again bring their own wine or beer, if accompanied by an actual picnic.

Piknic Electronik has taken into account the comments of our many law-abiding Piknicers who’ve considered it unjust to be restricted because of the excesses of a few bad seeds. So, each visitor who shows up with an actual picnic can also bring wine or beer if the following formats: 750ml of wine (one bottle) OR the equivalent of 1.1 litres of beers (3 small cans of 355ml or 2 tall cans of 500ml, etc).

Happy Piknicing! Bon appetit! And we look forward to seeing you once again under the Calder on Sunday, May 23 for the launch of a new season!

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