Saturday, May 22, 2010

Victoria Day - May Long Weekend

Unofficially this day marks the beginning of the Summer in Canada, and it happens usually one weekend before the Memorial Long Weekend (USA). Yes, this long weekend celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria in English Canada, and because this is a no no no in Quebec, here we are "celebrating" National Patriots' Day (former Fête de Dollard).

Due to the fact we must celebrate something, and specially since I'm not working on Monday, there are many options in Montreal. Personally I'm taking it easy until Sunday when my dancing tours starts with Roger Sanchez, then David Morales and finally Victor Calderone.

Talking about David Morales, the Fresh part at Parking will be special to a group of people that will be celebrating the life of Daniel. They have asked everyone to wear orange for the occasion, and David Morales will play a song in Daniel's honour. Even if you don't know this guy, I think it would be fun to see everyone wearing some type of orange, and I'm sure this will mean a lot to Daniel's friends.

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