Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Martinez Brothers @ Stereo - June 12, 2010

The Martinez Brothers is a duo that brings the much needed new blood aspect to the New York City music scene. I won’t apologize for getting directly into the point, and I must say the first time I heard they were coming to spin at Stereo, a couple of months ago, I was a bit skeptical, first because of their age, and second because I had no idea who they were.

I had the wonderful opportunity to hear and dance to their work this past Saturday and this inspired me to find out more about these two young brothers, which seems to have a never ending source of energy, and we are not talking about the non organic one eh? It is all pure energy from their own bodies.

If I’m correct, Chris is 18 and Stevie is 21, and they already played in some of my favorites clubs around the world, and many more I still want to check out. The Martinez Brothers seem to have found the perfect balance between house music and techno, and the combination I must say it is just irresistible and a killer to your body, because god knows you will need extra energy to keep up with these boys.

The Martinez Brothers’ dad was actually a club kid that use to party at the legendary Paradise Garage club in New York in the 80’s, and he is the one that bought them their first DJ equipment and the rest it is like a Cinderella story. The boys befriended different people in the industry, and finally they were asked to spin at the club Shelter, at the time they were still underage and they were only allowed in after last call, which for many after-hours is kind of prime time, unless you are at Stereo of course, where peak time is usually around 7:00am. The boys were a total hit at the club, and from them on they have become a total success not only in North America but also in Europe.

DJ Christian Pronovost was the one in charge of the warm, and I must say he did quite a good job, perhaps only for 30 minutes I felt a bit bored, but other than that his set was gradual and perfect for what was to come. The club fill out fast and I must say the TMB have a big following in this city already, and talk about diversity in the crowd. Not really sure but I believe TMB started their set at around 4:30am, and you could tell they had take over, because it was pure house techno in the house, and what delicious tunes they were playing.

What I loved was the fact these boys were able to give me the perfect mix of house music and techno, one complementing the other, and at the same time they have an unique way in showing this to the crowd, and loved the vocals they were adding here and there during their set.

Guys, I could not stop dancing, and if you know me you know that when I’m inspired there is no way I will stop dancing, and the sweat was dropping from my body like crazy, and thanks god for those stages because it is the perfect place to dance comfortably without been scared you are going to hit someone with your moves.

Looked around and you could see how people were just into the music, and obviously at first I could not understand what a rabbit was doing dancing with a girl, finally it hit me, it was Alice in wonderland, sexy Alice, and never mind Mr. Sexy Rabbit. The difference is in this story Alice did not follow the rabbit into a hole, instead she was taken close to heaven, and by the looks of it, I think almost everyone thought they were close to paradise. Who knew Mr. Martinez, the one that used to party at Paradise Garage, would one day have his offspring entertain Stereoheads in Montreal, in a club that was inspired by this New York city legendary club - thank you Mr. Martinez.

If you haven’t seen these boys yet, do not miss them next time they are in your town, they are worth it and don’t worry about their age, I actually wish many other senior deejays play more like the Martinez Brothers, because their inspiration, remix ability and live productions are just perfect for a great night out.

Gracias hermanos Martinez, han ganado un nuevo seguidor en Montreal.

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