Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steve Lawler @ Stereo - May 20, 2011

Steve Lawler | Darius Syrossian | Maher Daniel | Viva Tour @ Stereo 

It was a long and hard week at work, and this evening was going to be my escaped from the corporate world to a much more relaxed and enjoyable time with friends and strangers. The day has finally arrive when I was going to hear what Steve Lawler had under his sleeves for the night, I was ready to experience the Viva Tour.

After a nice disco nap, I made to Stereo at around 3:30am and Darius Syrossian was spinning a nice warm funky, gradually moving, house music to the crowd. Literally it felt like house music with a soft punch, and a good one. Volume kept increasing and people kept arriving. Actually there were not too many people when I got there, but in 30 minutes the place was nicely packed, not over-packed but with enough people, the essential receipt for a great party. There was a minor jazzy influence in the music, a perfect touch that combined with everything Darius was doing, and I still can hear the tunes in my head - click below if you want to hear a sample of what Darius played during his warm up set.

If my memory does not fail me, I believe Steve took over by 4:30am or so, and thinking about it, I can't really say what kind of music I was expecting from Steve Lawler. Don't know why but I thought it was going to be a more progressive style, instead I was nicely surprised to be presented with the most delicious combination of house, tech-house, with a nice Latin touch. The vocals were just perfectly mixed into the music and it made sense, I felt as if the words were speaking to me and just me, and at the same time speaking to everyone else.

There was no way I could sit down or rest, the music was so contagious my body had to move, and what an incredible interaction between Steve and the crowd. Do you know how many times I just looked up and said WOW? It kept happening over and over, and the flow of the music was just perfect. I know some of my friends decided not to go because they did not enjoy too much their last experience with Steve, and there is only one thing I can say, it was a sick set, and they missed a hell of a great party.

The crowd was nice, being a Friday it was expected to be more straight, lots of beautiful people, smiling faces, friendly groups, and the most important of all, people that enjoy a good night of music and dancing.

Personally I found the Viva Tour an absolute mind blowing experience, and I haven't danced like that in a long time at Stereo. Thank you Darius and Steve, and I wished I had stayed longer to catch Maher' set but you have to listen to your body and go when it tells you it's over.

Please forgive my shaking hand in the video below, but I couldn't stop dancing.

Thank you Stereo, for another mind blowing experience, great music for my soul.

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