Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hector Fonseca & Javier Medina @ Rain - Matinée Las Vegas - July 3, 2011

Rain at Palms Place is a beautiful and big venue, a perfect choice for the Sunday night main event by the Matinée group. My partner in crime had problems in getting in, security did not believe he was the person in the driving license, and was asked to show a passport or other type of photo ID - not sure why someone from Los Angeles would need a passport to go to Las Vegas right?

Hector Fonseca was in charge of the first half of the night, and he was moving the crowd with his latest house productions, Hector was a crowd pleaser and kept the music in a more known vocal tribal tunes, a bit commercial, nevertheless it worked for this party. The dance floor was jam-packed in a bigger venue than the night before.

Once again, mostly of the attendants were from the Los Angeles area, with all subgroups represented, and perhaps there were more women as well. I also noticed the people were a bit more aggressive compared to the previous night. The venue is a paradise for lasers, giant screens, and one of the coolest thing is when a hanging fixture is lowered from the ceiling right in the middle of the dance floor, and fire spurts above the crowd, let me tell you, you can feel the hit of those flames from faraway. If you are into trance music, make sure to visit this venue when a trance deejay is spinning, you will find very fulfilling because they have an incredible laser machine(s).

Edit: I was just informed the lasers and laser operator, the lighting and lighting operator, as the VJ were all people brought in by the Matinée group, and are not permanent features of this club, maybe after seeing how beautiful everything worked together they should hire Matinée for their regular events.

The dancers brought by Matinée were just beautiful, and they changed customs several times during the night, there were also acrobat shows, and the place is big enough not to stop the party for an aerial acrobatic show. The only thing the club might need to improve is their sound system, not bad, but it could be better.

During Hector performance one of the surprise guest was finally revealed and this is when Natasha Bedingfield shared the stage with the deejay, she sang a couple of songs and the crowd loved it.

Next came Javier Medina, and I was excited to see him again because last time I saw him at Parking (Montreal) he delivered an amazing tech-house happy set, and I was hoping for something similar.

Right at the beginning he started showing his Tech-house skills, which I was loving, but then I stop and looked around and noticed the LA crowd were confused, maybe it was my impression but it looked like they didn’t know what to do with the delicious tunes, maybe they were not ready for it? Don’t know but this is when you see the skills of a deejay in action, probably Medina noticed the same thing and he smoothly switched the tunes to a more tribal house happy type, which was rapidly embraced by the crowd.

Once Medina had the boys and girls by their balls, he started to play with different music styles, and I just enjoyed every minute of it. It was funny to see Javier Medina spinning and seeing the name of Hector Fonseca displayed in the background, I guess someone did not get the memo with the actual time slots right?

The place has tons of VIP space in the back and also right at the edge of the dance floor, don’t know how I feel about that, but I guess some people want to have their bottle service closer to the action.

Finally, Matinée created a vibe that will take a life on its own, no longer under the shadows of the sister group in Europe, but one that represents North America. Everyone knows the Matinée parties in Europe, and soon the same will be true over this side of the Atlantic.

Gracias Matinée, well done.

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