Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Good bye Parking, Hello Apollon

Yes boys and girls, the nightclub Parking in Montreal has closed its doors forever - my understanding is there were some issues with the landlord or something and they had to move out. For too many Parking had already changed dramatically when 2 years ago they moved to their last location, not too far away, but not the same, and since them many thing have happened in the Montreal night life.

One good decision by the owners was not to reopen Parking in a new location, instead they decided to create a new entity in a new place, a new reincarnation of the former Parking nightclub. Welcome to Montreal Apollon, and I promise to review the place as soon as I can, because will you believe I never went to KOX, the famous club that used to be at the Apollon location?


Samson said...

I agree, it's better to have a fresh start. I went to the opening night of Apollon to check it out and it's nice! Looks like it's an old post office building. I'll have to check it out for a proper DJ event.

Patius said...

don't know if they are going to bring big name deejays, my feeling is they are going to leave it to Stereo now, but we'll see.