Wednesday, February 06, 2013

D-Edge - São Paulo - Jan 24, 2013

So here I was in São Paulo, on a Thursday night, tired because of numerous business meetings, and realizing Friday was a vacation in this city, they were celebrating their 458th anniversary. Some friends had invited us to go to D-Edge, one of the top places to be in Brazil if you enjoy electronic music, and it was not my first time, but let me tell you the place has changed since my last visit.

I had previously visited this place a couple of years ago, and back then the place was much smaller, only one floor and a funky one, now is 3 floors high plus the roof which is full of people all night long, and those dammed mirrors that kept confusing me - I almost walked into one of them thinking it was still a walkable area, can you imagine how embarrassing would had been had the bouncer not stopped to tell me there were people in line waiting to get into the bathroom? The horror ;-)

Confession of the night: I had no idea who was spinning that night, and only found out about it 5 days later, which is funny and sad at the same time. Funny because I loved the music of the main star of the evening, and sad because I couldn't believe I didn't recognize him right away, dammed dark light. One of my Stereo favourite resident deejays was spinning at D-Edge, DJ Vibe, and I had no idea I was dancing to his tunes in São Paulo.

The line up was the following:

Pista 1 by Warm Up Fashion Cruise:
DJ VIBE (Portugal)

Pista 2 by M.U.R. Nights:


and this is what I can tell you, loved DJ Vibe even thought I didn't know it was him spinning, my boy is still top notch and I cannot wait to see him (officially) in Montreal, and I became a fan of Paula Chalup - loved her progressive melting moving tunes, so much I just bought some of her tunes in Beatport.

Do not ask me about the other deejays, I have no idea whom was whom and at what time they were spinning, I just can tell you I spent a couple of hours in this place and had a great time with my friends.

Most of Brazilian bars give you a card at the entrance, where all your consumption will be charged, and you pay at the exit. Somehow this method has come under some criticism due to the tragedy that occurred in Santa Maria, RS, where over 200 people lost their lives. Then again I think this is no different to Canadians waiting in line for their winter jackets at the end of the evening. I do have to say is kind of annoying having to wait in line in order to pay so you can leave the premises of the place, I also know I spend more money this way than if I were paying every time I order a drink. Maybe is a Brazilian way of making customers spent more money? I know I did.

D-Edge has worked hard to obtain the reputation it has right now, nevertheless I was told the week after the tragedy in RS, the night I was supposed to go out again, the place got shut down by authorities due to overcapacity or something. I think all bars in Brazil will have to rethink their safety polices if they want to continue in good status with authorities.

If you are in São Paulo, and you have time, please make sure to pay a visit to this place, it won't disappoint, and what I loved besides the music, was the perfect combination of different people all over the place. Someone it felt like I was stepping into a Stereo of a different dimension, I cannot explain that, but it felt good and for sure I will return to their dance floor next time I'm in this jungle of concrete that is São Paulo.

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