Sunday, October 13, 2013

Black & Blue Festival 2013 - Montreal

Ladies and gentlemen, the night has arrived and the main Black & Blue event is ready to begin tonight at the Convention Center of Montreal. No, unfortunately I will not be attending the event, nevertheless as usual my request to all my friends and party goers, have fun, meet new friends and do it safely alright?

For the official Warm-up from 6 PM to 10 PM:
Benoît Vinet (Montreal)
Debbie Tebbs LIVE (Montreal)
Stephan Grondin (Montreal)

For the House room from 10 PM to Noon the next day:
Antoine Clamaran (France)
David Penn (Madrid, Spain)
Satoshi Tomiie (Tokyo, NYC)
Pagano (London, UK)
Dennis Ferrer (NYC)

For the Trance Room from 10 PM to Noon the next day:
Deep Trance (Montreal)
Mike McCarthy (Montreal)
Carl Müren (Montreal)
Kyau & Albert (Germany)
Richard Durand (Amsterdam)
Ronski Speed (Germany)
Ross (Montreal)

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