Sunday, October 20, 2013

More reviews coming up

In the last couple of months I started to go "out" a bit more, the only thing is I haven't reviewed those evening. Not because those evening were lacking of inspirations, on the contrary, it was just because I was feeling a bit lazy.

Saw DJ Vibe at D-Edge (Sao Paulo), Calderon (Stereo), Chus & Ceballos (Stereo), Pet Shop Boys (Olympia), Ana Paula, and many others. Unlike my former professional raver years, I only went for a couple of hours, and once my body advise me is time to go, I just leave.

I must say Pablito Ceballos birthday celebration was out of this world, I just love watching this due work their magic on the decks. Then you get this explosions of sounds, this intoxicating melange of flavour to which you cannot resist and the only right thing to do is to dance like nobody is watching. I know Chus and Pablo have been working together for many years now, and it just amaze me the great musical chemistry they both have, on top of that just add the cute dancing moves from Pablito and as a result you get this optimum vibe for a party.

In one of those parties, I believe it was for Calderon, there was this guy that made me have some flashbacks on my own time on the dance floor. The guy was so happy, with this really cool aura around him, big and innocent smile in his face, I just had to walk over and tell him he looked so happy that was making me happy, and consequently more happy people on the dance floor. I just wish those people texting their friends were actually paying attention to this magical moment.

Anyway boys and girls, soon I shall be posting pictures and stories about Vietnam, I can't wait to get there, and on my way I'll do a pit stop in Los Angeles to see my family.

Take care and happy Sunday

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